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As per the NYC DOB
All  new  chimneys  shall  be  test  run  under  operating  conditions  to  demonstrate  fire  safety  and  the  complete exhausting  of  smoke  and  the  products  of  combustion  to  the  outer  air.  The test run shall be conducted by a registered design professional responsible for the test, and the results of such test run shall be certified as correct by such professional and submitted in writing to the department.

 810.2 Requirement of a smoke test.
A smoke test shall be made as outlined in Section 810.3. Any faults or leaks found shall be corrected. Such smoke test shall be witnessed by a representative of the commissioner. In lieu thereof, the commissioner may accept the test report of a registered design professional responsible for the test which shall be submitted in writing to the department.

 810.3 Smoke test.
To determine the tightness of chimney construction, a smoke test shall be made in accordance with thefollowing conditions and requirements:
1.The equipment, materials, power and labor necessary for such test shall be furnished by, and at theexpense of, the owner or holder of the work permit.
2.If  the  test  shows  any  evidence  of  leakage  or  other  defects,  such  defects  shall  be  corrected  in  accordance  with  the requirements of this chapter, and the test shall be repeated until the results are satisfactory.
3.The chimney shall be filled with a thick penetrating smoke produced by one or more smoke machines, smoke bombs or other equivalent method. As the smoke appears at the stack opening on the roof,such opening shall be tightly closed and a pressure equivalent to 1/2-inch (13 mm) column of water measured at the base of the stack, shall be applied. The test shall be applied for a length of time sufficient to permit the inspection of the chimney.
EMG Industrial Chimney smoke tests every chimney that we install to comply with NYC DOB codes. In addition we smoke test existing chimneys to see if in their current condition they meet these requirements.

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