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Oil to Gas Dual Fuel Conversions

Breeching Work Replacement

Breeching is the pipe which runs from the boiler to the chimney base. Breeching pipe often rusts out quicker than any chimney damage itself. Whether part of the chimney project or stand alone,

we are skilled at removing the existing breeching at your building, and replacing it with any type of new pipe called for by the engineer including 14gage welded carbon or stainless steel, double wall insulated pipe, as well as insulating and jacketing the breeching once it leaves the boiler room to meet all DOB code requirements.

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Video Scans

A video scan allows us to see the interior portion of the chimney cavity that we cannot view from a Level 1 inspection.

Smoke Tests

Even better or more conclusive then the video scan to determine the tightness and condition of your chimney is the smoke/pressure test.

Acid Testing for Brick

The objective of this test is to determine if the brick inside the chimney is acid or firebrick and will withstand…

Chimney Extension

A chimney is built during the construction process of a building. Since there is often changes and constant building additions…

Oil to Gas Conversions

We line the interior of your existing masonry chimney structure…

Chimney Liners

We line the interior of your existing masonry chimney cavity from top to bottom.

Cogen Pipe Installation

Content awaiting…

Breeching Work Replacement

Content awaiting…

New External Stacks

There are chimneys which run up the wall of the building. Either the original chimney is too damaged to use,…

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