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Oil to Gas Dual Fuel Conversions

EMG Industrial Chimney specializes in all phases of chimney construction.

emem_content_photo1EMG Industrial Chimney focuses only on Commercial Chimney installation and repair work. We service all of Manhattan and have the proper licenses and insurances needed for NYC.

Why Choose Us
  • We install our linings so the boiler system can be run overnight during the install process.
  • We fabricate onsite for customized connections from the chimney to the boiler breeching.
  • We have masons on staff who will properly seal wall penetrations.
  • We continue education for our staff regarding certifications to improve our quality, service and efficiency.
  • All technicians we send to your site are employees of our company.

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Emg Industrial Chimney
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Pone: 646-798-2811

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